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Physiotherapy in Knoxville

Applying leedsOur team is state-certified to perform physiotherapy with advanced specialization in functional movement taping, cupping, scrapping, and instrument-assisted mobilization.

With physiotherapy, we have helped individuals in all stages of life receive pain relief and speed their recovery. We firmly believe that our bodies have everything they need for wellness, with an innate internal ability to heal itself. While the conventional medical system tends to push medication and surgery, physiotherapy is another tool we can use to fix the root cause of the pain you are experiencing; not just mask symptoms.

A lot of the physiotherapy modalities that we do at Innate Wellness are utilized in the early stages of a practice member’s treatment, even before chiropractic adjustment. In most cases, we are focused on early pain mitigation and reducing your muscle soreness.

We use our knowledge to create individualized physiotherapy plans that are vital to your wellness and affect parts of your body that are hurting and may not be fixable by chiropractic adjustment alone. We have many modalities available that are effective in treating soft tissue injuries, but the choice of technique depends on your needs.

Taking woman's shoulder

Physiotherapy Techniques

We have a highly skilled team that is state-certified to perform physiotherapy and has advanced certifications in specific modalities of care, including functional movement taping, cupping, and instrument-assisted mobilization of the tissue. Our wide and deep knowledge base lets us use a variety of techniques in our physiotherapy appointments all while educating you on the benefits of these specific treatments.

Some of the most popular forms of care for us in our physiotherapy sessions include:

  • Kinesiology tape
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Bracing for lower back pain

Physiotherapy is a broad field. Allow us to pass on our knowledge that is specific to your needs as we aim to empower you to take an active role in your body’s recovery and maintenance.

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Physiotherapy may be the first step on your journey to wellness. Find out if this type of therapeutic care is right for you.

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Most insurance providers cover the cost of physiotherapy, but please check with us or contact your insurance provider to see whether this treatment is covered as a part of your plan. We accept all major credit cards for out-of-pocket payments.


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