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Laser therapy on knee

Cold Laser Therapy in Knoxville

Innate Wellness offers cold laser therapy to bring healing to your body on a cellular level. This safe and pain-free process helps your cells produce more energy, which in turn boosts the speed your body is able to heal internally. Cold laser therapy plays directly into our mission to tap into the innate wellness inside of you as it gives your body the therapeutic support that is very effective when combined with chiropractic adjustments and other treatment options we provide.

The tool used to administer cold laser therapy looks like a grocery store scanner, but it functions at a different frequency that human cells react to. The laser light stimulates the production of ATP, the energy source for cells, in the area that is receiving treatment.

You will not feel any discomfort with cold laser treatment-it is a safe and completely painless procedure. The method does not even produce heat, although your body temperature may rise due to an increase in internal blood flow.

Cold laser therapy takes about 2-5 minutes, and results can be felt almost immediately. This method of care is usually given to people experiencing internal inflammation, headaches, and muscle tension, so we are excited about the possibility of relieving these symptoms for you right away. At the same time, it usually takes several visits to reach long-term optimal results that you can then maintain through a wellness lifestyle and maintenance care.

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There is no preparation needed on your end, so just come in and see if this treatment option is a good way to get your body functioning free from pain and in optimal wellness.

Insurance typically does not cover this treatment, but feel free to check with us or your provider to make sure. We accept all major credit cards for out-of-pocket payments.

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