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How Chiropractic Banished One Practice Member's Back Pain

One of our practice members, Amanda, has been a patient of Dr Talley’s for about two years, but has been under chiropractic for probably 30 years. “I know a good chiropractor when I see one,” she said.Some lower back pain, which was unusual for her, prompted Amanda to seek chiropractic care. When she asked around for recommendations, a friend of a friend said to go and see Dr. Talley! “And so I did,” she said.After getting treated, Amanda felt so much better. Not only was she delighted with her results, but she also appreciated our kind and caring team. “The staff is fabulous here; they are cheerful and helpful always.” She also likes how easy it is to get an appointment the day she needs one or the following day because nobody wants to be in pain.

Offering a Kid-Friendly Space

Amanda also appreciates the child-friendly nature of Innate Wellness. She loves that her kids can come and get adjusted. “They love it, and that’s setting them up to take great care of their health in the future, and I appreciate that,” said Amanda.

Providing Customized Care

Just like all of our practice members, Amanda enjoys personalized care at the practice. Dr. Talley takes the time to get to know each practice member by conducting a comprehensive examination on the first visit. We then customize a plan of treatment based on your individual needs, preferences, and goals. He uses various chiropractic techniques to relieve back pain and other conditions.

Could You Be Our Next Success Story?

Every day, we’re honored to care for practice members like Amanda, who appreciate the incredible potential of chiropractic care to not only relieve their pain but help them optimize their health.

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